These are global rules that will apply to anything associated to This includes, but is not restricted to, the Discord, Steam Group, and hosted servers. It is your responsibility to review and understand these rules, for using our platforms means you agree to follow them. Failure to follow these rules may result in a warning, temporary ban, or permanent ban.






Our admin team wants to be as democratic and fair as possible as to how we moderate these rules. With this, the team is to be as reasonable as possible and use their best judgement when enforcing these rules.

Ban length is based on admin descretion. Any repeats in a rule offense will lead to the duration of the ban being extended and/or loss of Captain. In addition, we will reserve the right to ban people for off-platform conduct when we feel it is required to protect the platform.

Possible Penalities



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Privacy Policy

This is a privacy policy that will cover the information that we collect from visitors that access the website. By accessing our platform, you have established authorization with this policy.

What Information Is Collected

Upon first setting your alias after connecting your Steam account to the website, we collect your: Your Steam alias is used as an identifier to set your alias in the server with the plugin and on the site. Your Steam ID allows us to properly create player links to your UGC, ETF2L,, SizzlingStats, and Steam Community profile. Your profile picture is stored and retained for your player profile as well as to be displayed when you add up to classes. Lastly, your IP Address is collected to investigate the usage of alternate accounts under the same IP as well as information such as your browser or what platform you are accessing the site. Cookies are only used on our site to store session logins to allow players to stay logged in. You can opt out of cookies using your browser, but this will prevent you from maintaining logins across your browser sessions.

How This Information Is Used


If there are any concerns or questions regarding this privacy policy, feel free to contact a Head Admin using our Discord Link: