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Captain rating uses the Elo rating system with a K-factor of 32. Pugs played in the last 90 days are taken into account, so a captain's rating may change as time progresses due to older pugs being outside this window. Only captains with a rating other than the default of 5000 appear in this list.

Captain Database


Project Founder
  • Nick “Nicell” Winans
  • Gabe “Gabe” Kuslansky
  • Nick “Nicell” Winans

Project Manager
  • Brandon “Exa_” Nguyen

System Admin
  • BurningSmile

Anti-Cheat Admin
  • Comanglia

Audio Engineer
  • Paul “Mothership” Hoe

NA Administration
  • Sean “Paals” Lesch
  • Justin “zuchima” Hold
  • shotaway
  • calocareye
  • Dimento
  • Mr. DelDongo
  • wish
  • SpaceGhostsCoffee

EU Administration
  • Scrambled
  • Clark
  • kKaltUu
  • Kosuke
  • Cronk

Voice Actors
  • Elton “Kegaman” Lin
  • Hammock
  • oblivion
  • Mr. DelDongo
  • wish
  • Bowl
  • Woolen

  • DarkNecrid (Also helped with creating the rules!)
  • KonektiV (Created the new logo)
  • All of our Patron supporters
  • + all the alpha testers!

Sponsor Mission Statement

Inspired by PUG services such as PugChamp and similar to the past IRC channels of tf2-mix.nahl and tf2.pug.nahl, is a highlander draft-organized system where captains choose from an available pool of players in order to create highly competitive and balanced matches. This project aims to be transparent with our players and maintain the integrity of our community through democratic decision making. With the continued and dedicated support of the highlander community, we hope to provide a service that will allow for the combination of respect, care, and most importantly fun for everyone that uses it.

Steam Group
We have a Steam group where we will make announcents for PUGs.

We have a Discord for anyone to use in order to suggest feedback, talk to the support team, or submit any questions to the team.

We have a Patreon. Supporting our project will give you a site icon, the ability to change the color of your name, and access to our private Discord channel.

We use a custom whitelist for NA and EU in our PUGs.

Game servers are hosted by TragicServers.

Many thanks to everyone in the community for their continued support into allowing this project to happen. You all deserve it.